The Most Life-Threatening Addiction, Ever

We’re all addicted to something. Alcohol, sugar, smoking, shopping, coffee, gossip, overeating. Whether your addiction is life-threatening or just an annoying behavior you want to kick, they are all a result of habitual thinking and actions. If we do something or think something every single day for twenty years, our body and brain is going […]

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Do you have it all wrong?

There was a time when we believed that the sun revolved around the earth.  But then this guy called Copernicus came along and told us it was actually the opposite–the earth revolved around the sun. I’m not sure how long it took for folk to buy into this new way of thinking about the solar […]

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We all THINK too much

I remember once being coached by another coach (yes, even coaches get coached!), and I said something negative about my life situation. Her response to me was: But Linda, that’s just a thought you’re thinking. I can remember feeling pissed off with her, because it appeared to me as if she was making light of […]

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The Most Important Relationship, Ever

Relationships are a big deal in life. They’re everywhere, and they come in many varieties: husbands and wives, girlfriends, parent-child, siblings, doctor-patient, and bosses and employees. Wherever there are people there are relationships. And then there’s the biggest relationship of them all: The relationship between YOU and LIFE. When I first started dating my husband, […]

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Stop Being So Committed

When you think of someone who is COMMITTED, you think of courage, determination, someone with a strong character and a stick-with-it-ness no matter what.  Sounds pretty noble doesn’t it? But, there are times when I don’t like commitment and how it plays out. Like when someone’s committed to a marriage even though it’s all wrong […]

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