Stop Reading Self Help Books

booksThe last thing you’d expect to hear from a master life coach is that you should stop reading self-help books.  And you’re hearing this from a life coach who has personally read hundreds of them.

But, I’m going to plead with you to stop reading them.

What I want you to do instead is to get serious about practicingwhat they are teaching. Because you just may need to utilize the tools they teach when life throws you a curve-ball, or two, or three.

Over the past few weeks, it just so happened that my life served up some unpalatable and crappy circumstances that caused me—shall we say—a lot of stress.

It began with not being able to find my parked car at Washington Dulles Airport’s parking lot. I spent an hour walking up and around four flights of stairs in ninety degree weather and ninety percent humidity before finally finding my car.

Then I discovered that I had left my I-Phone on the plane. The phone is officially lost. It’s taken me a week to put in a claim, get a new phone, and deal with the sadness of losing all of my new photographs.

Then there was a grueling dentist appointment to re-do an old root canal. After one hour of attempting to drill down to the root of my tooth, my dentist announces that he can’t complete the job, and that I’ll have to go to a specialist.

So, how did all of this make me feel?  Angry, sad, frustrated, over-whelmed, scared, pissed off, disappointed. And I can assure you that I felt all of these emotions intensely.

Funnily enough, I had just finished reading Michael Singer’s new book, The Surrender Experiment on the flight back to DC, before all of this sh*t hit the fan. I was thinking that this is one of the best self-help books I’ve ever read. Little did I know, that life was going to show me just how good I was at surrendering to whatever shows up for me!

Truth is: I’ll always be a self-help reader. But, more than anything, I’ve decided that I want to become a true practitioner of what these books are teaching.  Otherwise, what’s the point? Reading books becomes just another intellectual exercise.  Interesting, but useless.

My crappy circumstances have shown me that I still have a lot to learn about surrender, the power of focus, making peace with what is, watching my mind, being still, and trusting that life is always working for me than against me. 

Will you join me in putting the books down (at least for a while)?

Are you ready to get serious about what they are teaching? Are you willing to actually STOP believing every thought that pops into your head?  Are you willing to start meditating every day?  Can you make peace with whatever is going on?  Can you practice letting go of resistance?

Are you ready to try out the greatest experiment of your life?


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