How to Get UNSTUCK


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What would be possible for you if you got UNSTUCK and CHANGED your life?

  • What if you were finally able to walk away from that relationship that isn’t working?
  • What if you got the courage to change careers, and do what you really want to do?
  • What if you were able to give up your low self-esteem and playing small in the world, and declare with deep inner confidence what you really want?

I’ll tell you what would happen: You would come ALIVE

Fifteen years ago, I was living a very different life than I am today.  I was stuck in the trenches of a life I didn’t like or even want.  And, I couldn’t see any way out.  I was educated with two advanced degrees, hard-working, kind, and morally upstanding. But despite all of that, at the age of forty, I was living in a tiny studio-basement apartment with a man who was all wrong for me.  And I was stuck in a career that left me under-utilized, under-paid, and uninspired.  I used to wonder:  “If I’m so smart, then how come I’ve got this life that I don’t want?”

What the heck am I doing wrong?

Admitting that I had failed in practically every area of my life, was a hard truth to face.  I had reached that low point in my life where I just couldn’t continue living in the same way.  Nothing was working for me. Something had to change.  But little did I know back then, that being able to admit my defeat, was actually the greatest catalyst for creating the change I craved.  I was ready to create a new possibility.  There was no-where else for me to go.

Feeling stuck and not knowing how to create change is a horrible way to live.

  • You feel trapped and confined by life.
  • You think the answer is to work longer and harder.
  • You don’t believe you can break free and create the life you’d prefer.
  • You secretly know what you should do, but you’re too scared to make a change.
  • You don’t trust yourself, and you’re full of self-doubt.

What Changed For Me?

The solvent that got me unstuck and created the change I craved, was actually something that had been with me my whole life.  And what I discovered is that it was, in fact, my most powerful asset.  It would change everything:


It was through being coached, coach training, and reading hundreds of self-help books that I realized that my inability to control and alter my beliefs, thoughts, and mindset had been running the show and giving me the crappy results in my life. Understanding these principles, and more importantly, knowing that I was the one who was responsible for what was showing up in my life, is what finally allowed me to dig myself out of my self-imposed dungeon.  This was the missing piece that explained everything.


My work with clients is to teach them how their patterns of thinking, the inner dialogue, (mindset) is creating the life and conditions they are currently experiencing, and how they can deliberately and consciously change those patterns to change their life.

I work individually with clients, I teach workshops, I’m a public speaker, and I’m a writer.




Why Work With Me & Not Someone Else?

Bottom line is:  I’ve walked my talk, and I’ve successfully turned my life around experiencing new levels of prosperity, creativity, and joy.  I know what it’s like to feel STUCK.  I know what it takes to get UNSTUCK.  Nothing surpasses life experience.


newpic2Other Worthy Credentials…

I’ve invested thousands of hours and money training to become a master coach and a law of attraction expert.  I’ve been personally trained by the best in the business, Dr. Martha Beck–New York Times best-selling author and monthly contributor to Oprah’s O Magazine.  I am also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

My Accent is a combination of all of the places I’ve lived.  I’m a Brit. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I’ve lived in England and Australia.  I now live in Winchester, Virginia, USA with my husband and two dogs. And my clients connect with me from all over the world, via Skype and phone.

Street Cred.  I’ve travelled the world, but I’m now quite content to stay at home.   I’ve worked in every kind of job imaginable from cutting up sheep’s tongues to teaching college English (and a lot of other stuff in between).  I’m also a certified Feng Shui Consultant.  I’m on my third marriage (finally, got it right).  Can’t beat life experience.

I’m at my BEST when I’m teaching, coaching, speaking, and writing.

One last thing: I’m proud to say that from a very early age, I’ve always tried to uplift, encourage, and inspire others. I can’t help myself.  This is who I am.


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