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The Most Life-Threatening Addiction, Ever

We’re all addicted to something. Alcohol, sugar, smoking, shopping, coffee, gossip, overeating. Whether your addiction is life-threatening or just an annoying behavior you want to kick, they are all a result of habitual thinking and actions. If we do something or think something every single day for twenty years, our body and brain is going […]

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Dear (Santa) Universe

What I always loved about Christmas when I was a kid was my absolute CERTAINTY that Santa would bring me everything that was written on my wish list.  And you know what?  He never failed me. Fast forward to Christmas Present: It’s interesting that my work now is about helping people attract what they want into their […]

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How you contradict your DESIRE for a relationship (or anything)

If someone posted the following profile on an on-line dating site, how successful do you think they would be in finding a great partner? I’m getting old (39).   I’m scared that my biological clock will run out.  I desperately want to be married.  My opinion of men is generally negative.  Most of my dates cheat […]

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The gift of a lifetime

It’s Christmas Eve.  All the presents have been bought, wrapped, and placed under the tree.  But there’s probably one gift you’ve overlooked.  A gift for yourself.  And it’s the most important gift you could ever give yourself.  It will last an entire lifetime.  It will fit you like a glove.  It’s the one gift you’ve […]

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