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Stop Being So Committed

When you think of someone who is COMMITTED, you think of courage, determination, someone with a strong character and a stick-with-it-ness no matter what.  Sounds pretty noble doesn’t it? But, there are times when I don’t like commitment and how it plays out. Like when someone’s committed to a marriage even though it’s all wrong […]

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He Loves Me. I Love Him. NOT

The smell of love is everywhere.   It’s Valentine’s Day, and Harvard Square has become Red Square.  It’s already been predetermined that “I will love on this day, damn it!”  And the rows upon rows of Hallmark cards I’m gazing at just about cover every imaginable loving relationship—spouses, grandmas, friends, co-workers, even the family dog.  But there is one they’ve […]

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The Best Brain Exercise EVER

If you’re NOT getting what you want, then check out what has been considered the BEST brain exercise ever.  This video will show you how to trick your brain into feeling good.  And WHY would you want to do that?  Because when you allow your brain to focus on positive outcomes, you are in the […]

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Does your life need to be returned or exchanged?

Tis the season for returns and exchanges, of long lines, and gift receipts. It’s where you get to pick out the right size, and the right color. And who knows, you may even get to toss the gift altogether, and get what you really want. I love this tradition of returns and exchanges—it’s downright honest and practical.  It’s […]

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Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Finally it’s March, and as the song goes: It’s been a long cold lonely winter; it feels like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun… it’s all right. That song by George Harrison has huge significance for me.  Let me explain. Fifteen years ago, I somehow got the courage to leave a ten […]

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Are you afraid of your own potential?

I had a profound conversation with a dear friend the other day.  But this was no ordinary day—because it was the day we heard about the passing of Nelson Mandela.We were talking about his heroism…how he was able to let go of resentment and bitterness towards his persecutors.My friend made the comment that it takes […]

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In appreciation for addicts and snobs

Addicts and snobs get a bad rap.  But it just may be that these two personality traits could actually teach us about creating a life we want. I’ve had my fair share of addictions.  In my twenties I was addicted to smoking, drinking, and men who were all wrong for me.  Now, in my fifties, […]

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Why you need to become a great actor

“All the world’s a stage…And all the men and women merely players. Will Shakespeare …and some of us are desperately unrehearsed”. Linda Ford If you were awarded an Oscar for a particular role you play really well in your life, what character-role stands out most?  What character brings out a commanding and powerful performance in […]

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