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My Clients All Have One Thing in Common

They Want to Get UNSTUCK & Create CHANGE


My clients are people who want to get UNSTUCK and get out of a RUT.   The feeling of being STUCK shows up in many ways.  You could be someone who is sitting on a fence about a decision in your life, because you’re afraid of what might be on  the other side.

Or you could be STUCK in a place in your life where not much is improving or changing–you’re in a place where you’re only experiencing incremental change, despite your hard work.  For some reason you just can’t seem to get ahead.

You’re finally in that place in your life when you realize that hard work, the best education, and knowing the right people is not enough to create a life that THRIVES.

Here are a few examples of typical clients (names have been changed):

Kate feels stuck in a marriage that she knows is over, but she keeps sitting on the fence about making the decision to end it.  Why?  She’s afraid of living alone, and she fears her life will be worse than it is.

Jenny feels stuck in her business.  She’s a brilliant life coach who has had the best training, but she’s unclear about the direction she should take with her business.  And so she holds herself back.

Kevin feels stuck in his job.  He’s uninspired and wants to move on and do something completely different, but he doesn’t know where to begin and how to make it happen.

Erika feels stuck in habits of negative thinking.  She’s tired of feeling a lack of confidence and low self-esteem because it holds her back from playing big at work, and it affects her ability to make more money.

Karen feels stuck being single.  She wants to marry and start a family, but the years are dragging by and she’s beginning to believe it will never happen. She’s stuck in a dream that’s gone stale.


They each resonate with one or all of the following (and they want to stop feeling this way):

  1. They feel trapped and confined.
  2. They think they don’t know how to break free.
  3. They don’t believe they can create the life they’d prefer—they think this is just the way life is.
  4. They secretly know what they should do, but they’re afraid they’ll make things worse.
  5. They suffer the pain of procrastination, fear, and self-doubt.

Girl-on-a-fenceAs your coach, my goal is to help you get CLEAR about what you really want, and to help you gain awareness of the patterns of thinking and emotions that trigger you to remain stuck and afraid to make change.

In short, I’ll help you get off the damn fence and help you discover and move towards the great life that is waiting for you on the other side.

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