Do you want to FLY or FALL?

I once found myself in the painful place of having to take a job that I was overly qualified for.  There I was, all educated, standing in my brilliance, waving my summa cum laude Master’s Degree to employers, but no-one wanted to hire me. And so, I reluctantly filed-away my degree, and went back to work as an administrative assistant.

The whole thing felt like one huge step back.  There was the disappointment about not utilizing my talent and of not being able to get my career on track. But worst of all, I was humiliated and embarrassed about my inability to move forward after all of my hard work.

If ever there was a crappy and unfair circumstance, this was it. I had every right to feel resentful and pessimistic. It was as if someone had played a huge joke on me, and I had been duped.

I was standing at the edge of a cliff, and I was about to fall down, down, down into the despair of it all. But…

I decided to fly.

Why?  You may ask.

The truth is: I had no choice. I could either feel good or feel bad.

It was really that simple.

But here’s the miracle. That administrative assistant job completely changed my life.

I ended-up working with women who inspired me, and who would become great friends.  I got to be part of an amazing project call YES. I learned about the world of non-profits and international development. And I got to travel the world and interact with world leaders, albeit as an administrative assistant.

But best of all, it was through this work that I met my husband.

Who would have thought….

But it could have been so different. You see, it wasn’t the job or the people that opened me up to a new life. It was my conscious decision to fly instead of fall. I could have chosen to poison the whole circumstance by believing that I was being served a dud-hand in life.  I could have wallowed in the injustice of it all. But that didn’t FEEL good.

It was really that simple.

Crappy circumstances bite all of us in the butt at some point. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re being weak or disengaged from what’s happening in your life when you decide to fly instead of fall. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re just trying to crack a smile when your insides want to cry like a baby.

When you choose to fly instead of fall, you believe in your gut that the so-called unfairness of it all is taking you to your right life, you believe that what is happening is for your higher good, you believe that all is well. You believe that the universe is conspiring to give you something even better than you imagined.

If life’s circumstances lead you to the edge of a cliff, you only have two choices. Do you want to feel good or bad?

It’s really that simple.


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