How the heck can I find Joy?

It’s a question I’m often asked by my clients.  It’s a little word, all of three letters, but it has huge implications. 

We tend to think of JOY as winning the lottery, travelling the world first class, or falling in love with someone larger than life.  But actually, all you have to do is look under your nose. 

A Day in the life of JOY according to me…JOY is waking up after eight hours of uninterupted sleep.

JOY is my husband bringing me breakfast in bed on a tray.

JOY is a shower-head that produces high pressure water.

JOY is walking my dogs on the beach every morning.

JOY is kissing my husband’s beautiful face.

JOY is seeing my clients tap into their brilliance.

JOY is waking up at 3am with an idea for a blog.

JOY is playing a difficult cord with ease on my piano.

JOY is eating curry, rice, hot lime pickle, and Greek yogurt.

JOY is drinking a glass of Sonoma Cutrer.

JOY is watching my dogs play tag with my bra.

JOY is getting coached by a great coach.

JOY is renovating our lake house with my husband.

Joy is sitting on the “hot seat” at an Abraham workshop.

JOY is taking a nap when I dam will feel like it.

JOY is turning on the car radio and hearing a song I love.

JOY is watching old movies that have no complicated sex, violence or special effects. Just a good story.

JOY is knowing that I have so many great things yet to achieve.

JOY is life long learning.

JOY is knowing that I can feel good no matter what.

JOY is expansion of self.

JOY is knowing that I control the way I feel.

JOY is feeling love.

JOY is cuddling Gemma my dog (and husband) just before going to sleep.

JOY is drinking a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee on Saturday morning and taking a bite out of my husband’s glazed donut.

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