How Are People Reading You?

For my 50th birthday, my husband bought me a 1958 MGA convertible (what a guy!).  And what a little beauty she was—all black and chrome on the outside complete with red leather seats and dashboard on the inside.  I have to say that I looked pretty darned good sitting in that car wearing my little tweed hat.  But more importantly, I FELT fabulous.

I was living in Montana at the time, and I suspect not many locals had seen a real live British sports car.  Whenever I would drive down town people would turn their heads, faces would light up, people would wave and offer me a thumbs up just in appreciation and at the sheer thrill of seeing me in that fun car.

As I think back, the sight of me zipping along in my MGA sent out a clear signal that others picked-up on—it was a vibration that said I was carefree, sporty, fun-loving, and if I must say, very chic.  The energy I was broadcasting was unmistakable.

How you show up in the world is no different.  The vibration you send out cannot be disguised or hidden from the world.  It is what it is.  And no amount of deodorant or perfume or stylish clothing can camouflage or over-ride who you are REALLY being in that moment.

So it begs the question:  What is your vibration?  What are you affirming about yourself in your life? Are you broadcasting a message that says:

I’m not worthy of love, I’ll never be a success, I’m not as smart as others, I’ll always be poor….

or how about:

I’m pretty hot, I love who I am, I never let anything get in the way of my success, I’m in love with life!

When you THINK a thought, it causes you to FEEL an emotion, and it’s that wonderful combination of the two that makes up your ENERGY or VIBRATION.  This is what you are broadcasting to the world, and you can bet that other people are picking up on your signal.  Some people will hook up with you because they too feel the same way as you do.  While others will be turned off by your vibe, and they’ll find someone else to hang out with that’s better suited to their signal.

Haven’t you ever wondered why people who think they are hot are hot, and people who know they  are successful keep being successful? This is Law of Attraction doing what it’s supposed to do.  It gives you what you vibrate.  Like attracts Like.

I hear it a lot from clients:  I wish I could find the right person NOW!  Why do I have to waste so much time dating the wrong people? The simple answer:  you’re not getting what you want because YOU are not living those qualities.  In short, you’re not a match!

Attracting a great partner may mean that you join an online dating program, that you lose that last twenty pounds, or that you get yourself a makeover.   But the most powerful way of advocating for yourself is to finely tune your signal so that what you are sending out is something that YOU would want to come back to you.

When you send out the right signal, just watch who comes out to play you.  Now that’s what I call effective advertising!

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