How to Access Your Superpowers

clarkeWhat if you were born with superpowers, but nobody showed you how to use them?  What if you were told at the end of your life that you actually could have turned your life around, gotten out of your rut, stopped being sad, and created the life you craved?
If only you could have known.
I’ve spent years steeped in the world of self-help and personal development, and I’m forever being reminded that I have the power transform a crappy life into a great life. Who has not heard this message?
It took me forty-odd years to discover that I had superpowers.  All of those years that I spent in school and college (and life), I learned how to read and write, touch type, drive a car, brush my teeth, bake a cake, to name a few.  But I was never taught or even told that I had superpowers that could not only help me dig myself out of the trenches of a life I didn’t want, but create the life I truly desired.
What is a superpower?  
I have come to know that my superpower lies in how well I can let go of resistance, and find a small space to feel relief when life dishes up something unpalatable.
It’s about how well I can quiet my mind when it gets agitated or scared and wants to drag me into the bushes.
It’s about how well I can allow myself to feel sad, but not hang on to it longer than I need to, and let it drain me.
It’s about not allowing the unpleasant behavior of others to get in the way of my own alignment.
It’s about how well I can interrupt a negative thought and not let it get out of hand and take over.
And it’s about how well I can let go of self condemnation, guilt, and shame, and know that I am worthy of love.
Superpowers take a while to master. 
I know this stuff, but I can’t honestly say that I’m living it.  I still want to argue, defend, and justify why I don’t like where I am in life.  I still wake up sometimes at 3am in a state of sheer panic of what could go wrong. I still have a compulsion to talk endlessly about what’s not working. or what’s making me sad.
Yes, I regularly turn my back on my superpowers.
What’s crazy about NOT harnessing the power of our superpowers, is that it’s all of this crap that keeps us from our desired life.
We’re the ones that keep pushing it away.  That life we crave can’t get to us, because what we think about keeps bouncing back to us like a boomerang.
The ability to FOCUS and quiet the mind is our greatest superpower.  It’s the greatest manifesting tool you could ever wish for.  This is what all of the self-help pundits tell us.
Are you willing to try it out?  Are you willing to discover your superpower?
Are you willing to transform your life of lead into gold?  

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  1. Kathy Joyce October 7, 2015 at 1:02 pm #

    I really believe that the more you think about what you don’t want, the more you attract it. Yes we are all blessed with superpowers, but it’s knowing how to tap into them. I enjoyed reading your article.

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