So you have a feeling your life is meant to be much deeper, more fulfilling. But you’re not quite sure what that means or what it will entail, or how to make it happen. Well, have I got a coach for you!  Linda Ford is intense, direct, funny, tender, and a little bit magic. If you’re into mediocrity, choose another coach. If you want your life to be splendid, Linda’s your girl.
Martha Beck,

Getting coached by Linda Ford has been tremendous.  Through our candid and positive discussions, new ideas and creative ways of seeing the world around me have come to light.  Before I began getting coached, I thought I was a well-organized professional who was just slightly bored with work and the world, and I thought a good talk would not hurt.  And so, I contacted Linda for my free consultation.  Before our call was over, my head was spinning with excitement and enthusiasm for ‘what could be possible’, instead of the dreary ‘what is’.

Linda has provided an opening for me to a world full of color and great possibilities.
  She has opened my eyes to the power of thoughts, to the power of self reflection, and to the need for evidence when negative thinking begins to creep back in.  Through my relationship with Linda, I have found the courage to step into the fast-paced world of living…and not just existing.

As a result, I have relocated to a new dynamic city, and I have stepped up to a new position filled with challenges and exhilaration. I am aware that I can slide into my safe, dull rut, but with Linda’s fabulous coaching, I can pull myself back and keep my head held high with pride and passion and fully experience all of life’s pleasures and treasures.
Ellen, Boston

Before I got the bright idea to hire Linda, I felt like I was stuck in a muddy ditch with my true self and highest potential dancing just beyond my view. I was able to reconnect to that joyful version of myself from the past, and I knew the gifts that awaited me, but I just couldn’t climb my way out to rejoin her. Linda reached her hand down to me and pulled me out of the muck, inch by inch, with great grace, kindness and wisdom.
Kate Hansen, N. Carolina

It’s a pleasure for me to write about how my life has changed and is continuing to change ever since I started working with Linda Ford. She gets it. Without a doubt…she gets it like no one has ever ‘gotten me’ before. And for that, I am truly grateful. Today, my life is REAL and I have hope and faith like I’ve never had before. Linda worked diligently with me to achieve all that is purposeful and true for me. Sometimes it took some tough love; sometimes it took patience; sometimes it took listening and relating. She always knew exactly what I needed at any given point, and for me that has been refreshing and life saving.
Marie C., Maine

I chose Linda from a very large list of life coaches. Call it intuition, and it worked very well, because Linda is amazing at what she does. Her flexibility and ability to shift gears on the fly was exactly what I needed to be able to open my mind to the possibilities of my own life. I was in the chrysalis of my life waiting to become the beautiful butterfly, and Linda guided me in having the courage to open my wings. Thank you Linda. Peace,
Jolana Bean, Maine

Linda Ford had me at hello! Just the sound of her voice allows you to relax and feel as if you are in “good hands”. Her ability to get you thinking is what keeps me wanting more coaching from her. Linda has a magical way of making you feel free and opening you up when she is coaching you.  Her coaching style is fun and extremely effective at the same time.  Trust me, you will want more too.
Debbie H. California

Linda is a warm, inviting, and incisive coach.  Before you know it, she has figured out what is tripping you up, and she shares insights that bring clarity and relief.  Her encouraging voice helps you feel safe and at ease even as you plumb the depths of your soul. I always enjoy getting coached by Linda, but even better, I always learn so much about myself and the law of attraction. She’s a truly talented coach!
Abigail Casper, Wyoming

Linda is not a coach to be taken lightly, but she can lighten your load and lead you to knowing what you know…and suddenly what you know is your own truth that you’ve been shying away from. She helped me in more ways than we’ll ever really know.
Julia R. New Jersey

Linda has the ability to shine an intense light on the heart of any matter with great skill, warmth, intelligence and humor.  She helped me find my way out of a morass of tangled thoughts about my fledgling coaching practice, and set me on my path with clarity, enthusiasm and authenticity. She was able to accomplish in a few short sessions what probably would have taken me months to process on my own.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  She’s a genius coach, a great woman, and a bright light in the world.
Kate. Maine

Linda is a brilliant and talented coach.  She has helped me to blast through and overcome blocks to my success in only one session of coaching.  She has changed my perspective and allowed me to move forward in ways I didn’t think possible. Linda is kind, easy to connect with, and a master at the Law of Attraction
Erin. Winnipeg, Canada

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