Is Your Home Hindering or Helping Your Dreams?

homeWhenever I have a writing project that requires concentration and focus, I can never fully begin the task until my living space is clean and organized. Granted, this could be just a severe case of procrastination, but at the same time, I am keenly aware of how my environment affects my ability to concentrate and be creative.

I have always been highly sensitive about my living space. I can remember as a child, living in houses and apartments that were so dingy and run down that they physically made me sick in my body and depressed in my soul.

Indeed, places have power. They can support and strengthen us in all aspects of our lives, and actually help create the future we desire for ourselves. We know that when our physical bodies are healthy, we feel supported and strong in our intellectual and personal pursuits. And so it goes with the buildings and spaces we inhabit. A “sick” dwelling can depress and drain us our vitality. A home has the power to take you into your future.  Here are a few examples of why you may not be aligned with your dreams:

You want to be in a romantic relationship, but your bedroom is cluttered with clothes that are draped over your elliptical machine.  Your bed is covered with stuffed animals. And your bedroom furniture is set up for one person. Would you be embarrassed to bring your lover into your bedroom?  Solution:  Create a bedroom space that’s romantic, grown-up, and think in terms of two.  Two end tables, two lamps, two pillows etc.

You desire to make new friends, but you’re too embarrassed to invite people over because your living room carpet is threadbare and has a huge stain on it, and the furniture is all miss-matched.  Solution:  Take the time to create a room that reflects who you really are.  Choose furniture that you love. Develop pride for your home, and you’ll naturally want people to get to know you.  When you’re proud of your home, you’ll feel more inclined to have people over.

You want to travel:  You dream of going to Italy, but there’s nothing in your home to remind and inspire you to make the trip.  Solution: Put travel books out on your coffee table or bedside table.  Buy artwork that reminds you of Italy.  Let them be reminders of your dream.

You want to write a book, but your workspace is so cluttered you have no place work. Solution: Set up a small area that is clutter-free and has inspirational quotes and pictures to inspire you to create your masterpiece.

You want to attract more money and abundance, but your home is full of ugly, cheap furniture.  Solution: Don’t fill you house with cheap stuff.  Buy quality.  Better to have a few beautiful pieces than lots of cheap stuff you got at Wall Mart.  Surround yourself with artwork or photographs that remind you of abundance—fields of flowers, vast oceans, flocks of birds.  Maybe for you, abundance looks like a large bowl of strawberries–you get to choose.

You want to get over your painful past relationship, but you’re still sleeping in the same bed you slept in with your ex.  Solution:  Get rid of it, and buy a new bed.  Throw out anything and everything that reminds you of the past.  New stuff = new life.

Everything is talking to us—yes, even the inanimate things in our home.  They illicit memories and emotions that will either depress or inspire us. So, take a moment, and walk around your home from room to room.

What adjectives would you use to describe the room?  What emotions are coming up for you as you look at your stuff?  What does your home say about YOU?  What kind of person lives in this home? Does your home tell us of your aspirations and dreams? If your answer is no, then you’re probably not living your life to its full potential.

Places have Power.

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